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The smartphone users always wish to access the hidden features of all the applications but are debarred by the permissions provided by the apps. However, utility tools like Lucky Patcher can prove to be highly useful in this context. Lucky Patcher is one such application which the users can use to carry out some tweaks in the app which are nearly impossible for normal smartphone users. The application is currently available for the Android and Ios platforms and can be used to manipulate certain features of several other applications on the devices running on these platforms. The only catch is that the users need to have a rooted device so as to access all the features of the Lucky Patcher application.


Download Lucky Patcher App provides its users with that level of freedom that they always wished to have. Playing with the hidden features of the apps and customizing them so as to fit to own requirements is what every smart phone user have always wished. Lucky Patcher provides the users with the liberty to live their dreams. The first requirement of the application is to have device running on Android or Ios platform. The users can download the app from the website of the app and manually install it on their respective devices. The app does not feature on the app stores of any of these platforms and users should refrain from installing any fake version of the app.

The next requirement is the device that the user is using should be rooted. The device can be rooted quite easily using several tools that can be easily found. The users must check the terms and conditions of their device warranty since most of the devices do not provide warranty for rooted devices.


Once installed, the Lucky Patcher app shows the complete list of all other available apps on the device. The operations that Lucky Patcher can perform on any of these listed apps are mentioned in the form of icons. The Lucky Patcher app generally uses a colour code to denote specific applications. The green colour generally denotes that the app can be disconnected from Google play, the yellow colour indicates that the application has a certain patch available, the orange colour indicates that the application belongs to the system and so on.

The app can be used to unlock some of the exciting features of other apps. These exciting features might include completely free in-app purchases, almost zero ad pop ups and unhindered app experiences, modified play store, license verification removal from the paid apps and much more. Some of these might be illegal as well and the users should check out the legal terms and conditions before implementing certain tweaks.


Lucky Patcher is one such app which helps the users to customize several other applications to fit to their needs. For all the tech buffs who love experimenting with their devices, the Lucky Patcher app is a must have.

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