Manfaat Menggunakan Modem Mifi

Mifi smartfrenModem is a device that serves to connect the Internet network on a smartphone, computer or laptop. Many markets sell different modems at different prices according to their quality and specifications. One of them is mifi smartfren whose price is definitely affordable. Even so this one mifi is supported by super fast network that is 4G LTE.

Many benefits that we will get by using mifi modem, which is one tool that can be used for many devices. Because mifi uses a wifi system to transmit its internet. So that mifi can be connected with various other devices such as smartphones, laptops and computers.

Unlike a USB modem that can only be used by one device only. Because it can not share then your smartphone should also list the internet package as well. This will certainly make wasteful to get you out. By using modem mifi smartfren you only use one modem but can be used more than one device, for example you use laptop and smartphone simultaneously.

Hal ini tentunya akan menghemat biaya internet anda. Selain itu juga dapat menghemat baterai smartphone anda. smartphone yang digunakan untuk internet akan bekerja lebih keras, sehingga menyebabkan smartphone anda mudah panas dan baterai cepat habis. Dengan menggunakan modem mifi smartphone anda hanya bekerja untuk menjalankan aplikasinya saja, sehingga tidak perlu bekerja keras mencari signal internet yang akan menguras baterai.

Karena ukuran mifi yang lebih kecil dari modem biasa membuatnya jadi lebih fleksible. Bisa digunakan dimana saja dan kapan saja. Walaupun kecil, kualitas nya juga tidak kalah bagus dengan modem wifi. Kecepatan internetnya sama cepat dengan modem wifi lainnya. Sehingga cocok bagi anda yang tidak bisa terlepas dari jaringan internet. Kesimpulan nya lebih praktis dan tidak ribet jika kita menggunakan modem mifi.

 We can keep it in the pants pocket, it could be in the bag. More efficient is not it ?? We are also so easy to share with friends who need internet connection. Usually mifi can survive within five to six hours of use, depending on the capacity of the battery. If the battery runs out in the cas again.