How to make a homepage in Yandex browser and Chrome

Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser in the world, and the browser from Yandex is based on the same engine, so they will have very similar settings for installing the home and start page. How do I change the startup page on google chrome? So, in order to install Yandex (or Google) start page in Chrome, it will be enough to click on the button with three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner. In the menu that opens, select the “Settings” item, and then carefully take a closer look at the “When you open” section:

How to set start pages in Chrome:

  • New tab – when you start the browser, a new (empty) tab will open, where you will see the most frequently opened you before this Internet pages and there will be a Google search line.
  • Previously opened tabs – at startup, you will open all the same tabs that were opened in browsers when you finish working with it. Thus, you continue to work or entertain yourself from the same place where you stopped.
  • The specified pages are exactly what we need. Replace the check here and click on the “add” button. This will allow you to make one or even several pages starting (they will always open with the launch of Google Chrome).

Setting upstart pages in Chrome

Opposite the inscription “Add page” you insert the required Url (for example, the main page of Yandex Google, which can be copied in the address bar of the browser. Press Enter on the keyboard and enter the next Url, if necessary. You can also make this page home, although it’s better to add it to the bookmark.

After adding all the necessary page addresses, click on “OK” and check the work of the pages you have just installed. How to do it? Well, just close and reopen the browser. Did everything work out? So that’s great. If you use Yandex Browser for traveling on the Internet, then, in theory, to make some page starting, you need to install about the same settings as in Chrome, because they both work on the same engine.

Apparently, in Yandex, it was considered that it would be inappropriate to give users the option to install an automatically opened start page because they can put good and the main Google in it as it is, which is unacceptable. Therefore, in the settings of this browser you will find only such items:

There is no possibility to set a homepage in the Yandex browser. Depending on the option chosen: either a new tab with a so-called “Scoreboard” (the most visited pages and some services of Yandex itself) will open, or active tabs will open before your end of work in the browser. And in the latter case, you can still make the main Yandex start, but only if before closing the browser no tabs were open. So that’s it.

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