Top 3 ICO Listing Sites Reviews

Bluzelle: This is a project of a decentralized database on the block room, to which any PC owner can connect. Leasing a place on your PC, you can earn tokens of the BLZ project, and consumers of the product will pay for placing information and data in the project system.

Bluzelle can be remotely compared to Substratum with a capitalization of $ 250 million. Such projects are generally favorably evaluated by the crypto community, and tokens willingly breakthrough on the top exchanges, which ensures stable demand, liquidity, and growth of token capitalization.


Bluzelle collects $ 19.5 million and is crazily “razhaiplen” bloggers. The whitelist is closed for a long time. Those who got there are very happy to get the cherished BLZ tokens before all. Top ico review sites and the sale of tokens is scheduled for January 18, 2018, there is no doubt that it will be successful.

Nucleus Vision

Created by Indian graduates of Harvard, the NUCLEUS project is a complex technological solution that will be able to identify the preferences of potential customers by using special sensors that interact with mobile phones of buyers in real time.

Currently, NUCLEUS has a working product that runs in 10 retail stores in India. In simple terms, the IOT project solutions will read and write down your actions when you visit the store where the sensors will be installed. To which shelf did you fit, which product was stopped by the choice or just interested in its consumer properties. Your interest will be fixed, processed and in the future the seller will be able to make you a targeted offer based on your preferences. The collected data on the preferences of the mass consumer can then be sold for the project tokens. Thus, the prospects for the growth of the project, if the working product will be released, are not even seen, since such a product is needed by everyone who works with mass consumers.

For example, next year NUCLEUS plans to expand into the US and other Asian countries, equip 100,000 stores with its sensors.

Also, NUCLEUS is preparing solutions for NUCLEUS Home, NUCLEUS Cars, NUCLEUS Health, NUCLEUS Agri, NUCLEUS City and NUCLEUS Air.

The project is advertised all the time by the notorious Jan Balina , and hundreds of people are added daily to the Telegram chat .

Great news for investors was a drop in the capa to $ 40 million, as well as blocking the bonuses of early investors for a year. Until January 6, you can still sign up for the white list of the project. The exact date of the token will be announced additionally, approximately, this will be the middle of February.


The largest in the cryptomir blockade Ethereum, on which smart contracts are written and 90% of the ICO are conducted, solutions for scaling and cardinal increase in bandwidth are urgently needed.

In this regard, the focus of attention will be focused on projects that are ready to provide these solutions.

Winner of Hackathon 2016 ETHWaterloo project GoNetwork will launch the platform on air for mobile devices and gadgets. Not so long ago, Google came to the conclusion that the use of mobile devices and gadgets for accessing the Internet exceeded the use of desktop PCs.

These are two actual reasons why the GoNetwork project is so expected in the crypto-currency community. Not so long ago, we wrote about this project, so as not to repeat, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with GoNetwork here . It remains to add that the interest in GoNetwork is great, the community is waiting for the date and conditions for the sale of the tokens.

The year 2017 for crypto currency became decisive. A lot of ICO projects successfully attracted investors’ funds and began to “saw” the product. Their tokens began to be traded on crypto-exchange exchanges, and the most successful of them repeatedly increased their value.

On the eve of 2018, which promises to be no less hot for the crypto-currency market. The competition among ICO projects is increasing. Investors who want to repeatedly increase the value of their crypto-currency portfolios need to carefully study the opportunities that the market will give them.

We named our favorites for the first two months of 2018, soon it will be known how accurate our forecast was.

Once again we will repeat that in the crypto-currency market it is possible both to increase the invested funds many times and completely to lose everything. Therefore, invest in ICO only what is not a pity to lose.

To participate in the ICO you will need the Ethereum crypto currency, which you can buy on exchanges or through exchangers. On exchanges, there is usually much less commission for a deposit through a bank, in exchangers, however, you can get the airwaves much faster and relatively easier. We suggest using  Baksman , where you can buy the air in any convenient way.

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