Win Discount Coupons with McDVoice Survey

Are you a frequent goer at McDonald’s? Why MCdvoice is Important? Even if you are not, you must have heard about the McDVoice, right? No? Okay, no big deal! Know about McDVoice now!

This a survey based on the customer satisfaction conducted by the McDonald’s group. As a citizen of your country, you are free to take part in this survey. But for participation, you need some important things to follow. Until and unless the survey program is explained to you, you will be puzzled. So, here is a brief illustration of the McDVoice survey.

About the McDVoice Survey

All of must be aware of the fact that McDVoice is one of the best fast food restaurants in the world. They have put their effort and time to grow their business day by day. Since they have made quite a good hold in the market now, they thought of making a survey of their feedbacks. They want to know whether the customers are satisfied with their service. So, they designed the McDVoice survey program.

The survey consists of some general questions and answers about their service. Customers will be asked to answer the set of questions. Depending on this customer report, McDonald’s will check their acceptability in the market.

Customers can give feedbacks based on the outlet, food price, health and hygiene of the place, staff behavior, and other things as well. The survey will be considered valid only if the customer can provide a receipt not older than 7 days.

This is not the end. There’s more to the survey. You give feedback in return; you get lucky coupon codes or reward points. So, next time when you go to fill your tummy, use these coupon codes or reward points. They will make eating easy for your pocket!

Are there are rules to be followed?

Of course, there are some set rules that customers have to follow while participating in this survey. Come on, check it below.

  • Next time when you visit McDonald’s, do not throw away your receipt. The receipt is your key to take part in the survey.
  • The survey is conducted only via the online portal. So, you need to have a very good internet connection. Visit this site – – start surveying.
  • Also, age stands as a great wall of China here. People below the age of 15 cannot participate in the survey.
  • The question is available in two languages – English and Spanish. So, provide answers in either of the two languages.
  • Participating in the survey is not a limitless job. Every month, you can be a part of the survey for only 5 times.
  • Make sure that you take part in the survey within 30 days of your visit to any McDonald’s outlet.

For gaining the rewards too, there are some ethics.

  • If you have to apply for the lottery, make sure that you have completed 15 years.
  • You must reside either in the United States of America or in the Columbia District.
  • The code should be accessed within a week’s time.
  • After completing the survey, you must receive a unique code. Use this code for availing the discount.

If you still have some doubts, make a call to 1800-244-6227.