Windows Insider – Why isn’t cortana available on my windows 10 PC

Cortana is one of the outstanding features of Windows 10, but some people still can not use it. Why Cortana is not available on my Windows 10 PC? and then how to enable Cortana in any Windows 10 computer or PC?

Cortana is a personal assistant for Windows 10. You can activate Cortana by calling her Hey, Cortana! with your microphone or by accessing it through the search box in the taskbar, ask anything and she will respond. Cortana is very helpful in the search for a file, web, organizing your schedule, check the weather, flight, even she can tell a joke.

No wonder if the Windows 10 computer or mobile users are very liking Cortana. However, some people claimed not able to use Cortana in their Windows 10 search not working. They say that Cortana is not available in their Windows 10.

Why isn’t Cortana available on my Windows 10 PC and how to enable it

Not every region and language is supported by Cortana Windows 10, This is what makes Cortana is not available for your Windows 10 computer or PC. Here is a list of region and language supported by Cortana, if your region or language is one of them, then Cortana should be availabe for your Windows 10.

  • Australia: English
  • Canada: English
  • China: Chinese (Simplified)
  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • India: English
  • Italy: Italian
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Spain: Spanish
  • United Kingdom: English
  • United States: English

What if your region and language settings is already correct but you still can not use Cortana? recommendation from Microsoft for this problem is by running Windows Update to update to the latest build and then restart your computer.

How to enable Cortana Windows 10

So you live in a poor third world country, your language and region are not supported by Cortana, but you want to use Cortana and talk to her so bad. Dont worry, you can still use Cortana even if you are live in the north pole.

Before using Cortana, you have to make Cortana know what you’re talking about, the language you use. Remember that Cortana only works in those regions and languages on the list, so what we have to do is simply change our region and language setting in to one of those that supported by Cortana, say United State.

Go to Start Menu > Settings > Time and Language > Region and Language

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Change your Country or region intothe United Statess, and change your Languages into English (United States).
Once you choose English (United States) for the language, click on it and then click Options. You have to download some additional options like language packs, basic typing, Handwriting, and Speech. Download all of them,
How to enable Cortana Windows 10
Go back to Region and Language Settings, click English (United States), then click Set as default, then follow the instructions and you will be fine.

Last, Check the Speech settings, go back to Settings > Time & Language, then select Speech. Make sure the Speech Language is also English (United States). Reboot your Windows 10 and you are ready to talk and give Cortana some commands.